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This beautiful world

Lot of crazies at the party. Most of em nice and spared time to listen to me. Some weren't. Some laughed, some emo'd. A few knew weapons, a few didn't. One knew forging, another knew crossbow work. Was funny. Took some pointers, gave some pointers.

Not much of a dancer, don't know the steps. Not my area, Graveman knows. Still being tested, every step of the way. Pretty funny, like school. Reminds me of this dance I went too, bunch of the populars were hobnobbing around, little circles, just like here. Same thing as school dances. Pretty funny. Never was good at them, did what I always did, talked about what I knew. Some liked it, some didn't. Brought some wallflowers onto the floor, a couple stayed. Like doing that, get people together that don't go together, make 'em realize they both have things the other wants. Like school. Vampire elysium's are like school dances. Makes me laugh inside, makes me laugh a lot. Really enjoying seeing this side of the world. Nice place. Better than what I had before.

Old man prince gave us the okay to pound the anarcists and the blood crazies into the ground. Looking forward to that. Sounds like more fun. Everything about this place is fun! Glad I said yes to Graveman. Glad I went along with the crazies back then. Glad I have a group depending on each other. Good to have friends like this, haven't had any for close for years. Always gangs, people that might sell you out. Like Nichole, tramp was stupid. Thought she'd play both sides, got ripped in two. Still pity her. Man that woman was stupid...

First Blood

Rought night. Took a lot of damage. Hurt a lot. Strange feeling pain that way, as a vampire. Fun to put my body back together. Real fun. Like that. Got the dust off my sword arms, felt good. Still suck at getting out of the way, heh.

New member to our group, named Penny. She's Invictus. She turns invisible like me, nice to have another invisi-spy to go with me. See things I don't see, memorize faces I don't memorize. Oops. Might have to work on that. Little blood crazed maybe, not a bad thing, just noticing.

Vamp blood is good, Graveman wasn't lieing about that. Drank from three of them. Good taste. Like sweet liquor, just the right bite. Could get used too it, probably a bad idea.

I couldn't take the building out, but Shane blew their underwater line, so the trafficing is over. Least the easy side. Gotta get our haven established this side of the river. Obvious our Sire's are placing us here for more strikes against Carthians and Crones. Sounds good, like taking the fight to the enemy. Glad we're working well together. Glad we got two of our three goals done already.

Glad I said yes to smelly creepy Graveman when he asked me the big question. Don't have anything more to write. Gotta cross the river and get under before sun comes up. Talk to whoever finds this someday and reads it later.


They're interesting vampires. I'm not sure who I like most out of the group, they're all pretty funny. Not sure what they're like in a fight, but I bet they're capable. Going to be interesting trying to plant this GPS tracker, think I can use my Obfuscate well in this situation. Surprised how fast some of them want to act. They want quick results, want to impress their sires. Good things. Good things.

Not sure, but I think Graveman and the other Sires are grouping us like this for bigger things in the future. Each of us sired a year ago, I think. Funny. Interesting. Maybe we'll be pawns. Been one before, not so bad, lots of stuff to hit, things to slice. Ha. Using swords a lot more now, it's great. Haven't seen the one I made, I asked Graveman about it once, but he got all reluctant, said something about it being attuned to me and it was worthless to anyone else, but he didn't have it, didn't know where it was. Doubt I'll ever see it again, it's an artifact now, probably in the hands of some shmuck who doesn't know what he's got. Not sure I want it, did weird things to that pretty boy, I know now. Getting sidetracked.

Rich guys funny. His sire's nice, let me borrow gear. Can't find a camera shop that's open yet. Stupid. Might have to steal one soon, not gonna be deadweight. Little guy seems smart, knew what he was doing, but everyone has different ideas on how to go about things. I like putting out my opinion, I'm used to people listening to me, mostly cause my size, but it's not always good. My ideas get stupid. Like when I broke into a shop to get a trench coat I liked and there was a cop car down a few blocks. Remembered seeing it after I was inside. Oops. Ha ha. They can't catch me now though, I can just turn invisble. It's a good trick. Off topic again, happens a lot with me.

Figure the crone are ferrying these people and processing them in a building, gonna through the tracker on there to get a good position, then we're going to go in and kill our fellow bloodsuckers. Don't have qualms about it. Want to question one of them. Need to not get too angry. Should be fun.

Crazys and Weirdos

I loved my work. I'd always loved it. Mostly because it was something I liked doing. Blacksmithing. In this day and age, when you tell people you're a smith, they ask you to come unlock their car. Ha ha. I had a bad day once and broke this guys window in and popped the lock. He was pissed, but all he did was call the cops instead of start a proper fist fight with me.

Anyway, blacksmith. It's not easy to make money off this kind of thing, and I started doing it as a hobby. I'd attended one of those ren fair things when I was a kid, and an actual forge had been set up. I asked a lot of questions, and the huge man working the bellows pretended to be interested in them. I kept going back every year, and eventually found classes were tought on how to be a blacksmith. Yeah, I don't know if they make a living off of teaching it, or they're just crazy folks who think they live in the dark ages still, either way, it was fun.

I never made much money off of it, but it was fun. The internet helped a lot, people would send me custom ideas on a weapon they wanted, and sometimes they actually had enough dough to pay for all the work involved in making a casing and all the other garbage that goes into forging. Armor was always hard for me, I'm not sure I've got the hang of it even now, but I've cracked a few suits out. I should get to my point now, if someone's reading this, they're bored.

I'd been making my meager living for about four years when he showed up, he was creepy. And smelly. The kind of creepy and smelly you don't want to hang around with, but end up doing so anyway because it turns out the person is a nice guy, or at least wants someone to talk too, or has a feigned interest in what you're doing. He never scared off my customers (not that I ever got walk ins more than once a week anyway) and only came around at night, and once in awhile he'd buy something.

After awhile, he asked if I'd ever done a special blade. I told him I'd done a lot of special blades. He smiled, nodded, and left. Like I said, creepy.  He comes back the next day with eight thousand dollars cash, and a big crate. He tells me that if I let some people sit in on the forging, and do some stuff in the room while I'm at it, I can keep the eight grand. Sounds suspicious. Sounds shady. Sounds like eight THOUSAND dollars in my hands. I agreed.

Had to be done at night, had to be a crescent moon, had to have a chandelier with ghetto runes, had to have people in certain areas of the room, had to draw sttuff on the floor of my room in blood (now I knew they were crazy, but I already had the money, and when you're in a room with people putting blood on the floor, you don't raise a ruckus about it), there was more stuff, but it'd just bore you all.

So, I start forging, right and proper. Things are going like they do for me, I'm sweating, the place is hot, crazys are chanting. The sword was big, not as big as some of the faux swords I'd made for internet crazies, but still big. I wasn't sure even I could hold it in one hand, but could in two. It turned out beautifullly, and it might of been the smoke and incense they were burning, but I swear by my father's name, I saw lights and pictures whenever my hammer struck the metal at the end. I was pretty much done with it after nearly an enitre nights straight work (I did all the prep in the day, per the crazys instructions) Then, ya know, the roof caved in.

I say caved in, but what really happened is someone drove a cargo van onto my roof, (it was never very sturdy and had a lot of pockets for the smoke and air to get out, probably against code but nobody ever bothered me about it), so down comes this cargo van, and these people pile out. And they have swords. No guns. Not a one. Stuff started happening fast, and soon everyone in the room was fighting, even the smelly guy, only they're not fighting like normal people fight. Fists and guns. No, these creeps are using swords, and...well, no other thing to call it, magic. And they're fast, a few times, I couldn't even see one moving. Then, of course, one of them came for me.

He wasn't as big as me, and he looked like one of those pretty boys you see in the tv commercials for jeans. He punched me. I had almost a foot on him in height, and he punched me. It hurt, Wow, it hurt. I'd been in a lot of fights, the people I hang with are mostly gang types, and sometimes fights happen. I'd never been punched that hard. I hit the floor and he stepped over me to get at one of the crazys like I was just in the way of his destination. I stood up and worked my jaw. Now, I was mad.

My anger comes out in bursts. I'll be ordinary and calm and then suddenly I'll get that anger, the kind that blinds you and just makes you want to break things. It's got me in trouble with the blue boys a few times, but I never murdered anyone, usually because people stopped me before I went too far. So, here it came, my anger in a room with crazys, pretty boys who hit like a truck, and a sleu of others, and there sitting all pretty and beautiful, was that sword. And it did have wacko designs on it, and it did have a couple pictures, only they were the kind like you see in caves, where you're not sure what you're looking at, but you know it's important. Well, I pick this sword up, see, and I look around the room. Creepy smelly catches sight of me, and he yells something I don't make out, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't want me to use the sword. Yeah, not going to listen to much when I'm angry.

Now, some people might think it's silly to go into the park and play with wooden swords against other people, and some people have lost a tooth or two for looking at me funny when I was doing it. But, it was fun, and I was okay at it. I'll tell you now, I wished I had gone to that park everyday and got chuckled at. I really did.

I swung this sword with funny things on it at the pretty boy, it was a good swing, I thought at least. I did this overhead chop thing, see, you have to angle..wait, nobody cares about that. Let's say I swung my sword and it hit pretty boy. It cut into his shoulder and into his body, no blood spluted out like it does in the movies, not an ounce. That gave my angered head some confusion, but not enough to stop. I ripped the sword out and chopped again, but pretty boy did that matrix movement thing, and ended up behind me. Oops. I hit the floor again, but this time he doesn't step over me, he kicks me over onto my back. That hurt too. Around the third kick to my groin I got my foot up at his, but he just ignored it, and kicked at me again. I still had that sword in my hand, and he must of forgot, because when I swung it at him he didn't get out of the way. It cut into him again, and this time he screamed. The cave paintings did a little dance, but I'm not much of an art critic, so I ignored it and got up while I still could. Smelly creepy was yelling at me, I think we were losing the fight, or he was angry I was tossing the sword around. Ignored him.

Another swing came at me, but I ducked this one, my stance was off because of the agony my junk was in, but I dropped the sword into his leg. He cried out again and stepped back. That's when it got surreal, he just stared at me, or at the sword, I don't know which, but he just stared, then he smiled. Like I said, I get out of control sometimes, so I smiled back and took his head off of his shoulders. First time I ever killed someone, turns out he was already dead though, getting confused? Yeah, me too, just keep reading. Smelly creepy was next to me, he said something about the sword. He was pissed, he was yelling, then boom.

Fire. Smoke. Smell of gas. All that typical stuff when a vehicle blows up, everything was burning. I was on the ground, it was hot. My stomach felt funny, and my hand came back with blood on it after I felt near it. Delirious. Feeling stupid, like I knew I should get out, but my brain wasn't working. The room was empty, I must of got knocked out. It was too bad about the explosion, I had my little hole in the wall shop for a long time, now it was burning down around me. Not a crazy or weirdo in sight, at least none that my smoke stung eyes could see. I started crawling, cause I didn't think I could stand, and managed to get to my doorway. It had been replaced by a lot of brick and burning crap. I thought I was dead when smelly creepy appeared next to me, I'm not sure where he was, but he was there, and he scowled down at me amidst the smoke and fire.

He told me I could live, he told me I had come in contact with another world tonight, a world I didn't know was there. It was a beautiful world, and if I wanted it, I could have it. I'd seen a lot of stuff that night, but I figured I didn't want to die. So I gave him an okay, and then my world changed, like he said it would.

No more shop, no more forge, no more more money (the eight grand was in a safe place inside of the building now made of ash, yeah, I guess I should of done the whole bank thing). You know what though? It was worth the trade off for becoming immortal. Ha! Immortal. Yeah, it's awesome. Gotta see some prince, then Graveman (that's what smelly creepy calls himself) is going to teach me things. Things about what I am now, things about being a vampire. Ha ha ha. Vampire. This is gonna be fun, that's what it's gonna be.



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